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Introduction to uPVC door flag hinges

uPVC door flag hinges are commonly used on uPVC doors as they provide a smooth and durable opening and closing mechanism. These hinges are made up of two metal parts, a flag-shaped plate that is fixed to the door sash and a plate with two or three holes that is fixed to the frame of the door. The hinges work by pivoting on a central pin, which allows the door to swing open and closed seamlessly.

There are several types of uPVC door flag hinges that are available in the market. Each type has its own unique features and benefits that make it suitable for use in different scenarios. In this article, we will explore some of the most popular types of uPVC door flag hinges and their applications.

Types of uPVC door flag hinges and their features

1. Standard uPVC door flag hinges

Standard uPVC door flag hinges are the most common type of hinge used on uPVC doors. These hinges are usually two-holed and are made from stainless steel or high-grade brass. Standard hinges are suitable for use on lightweight doors and windows, as they can only support a limited amount of weight.

2. Heavy-duty uPVC door flag hinges

Heavy-duty uPVC door flag hinges are designed to support heavier doors and windows. These hinges usually feature three or four holes and are made from thick stainless steel or brass. Heavy-duty hinges are recommended for use on uPVC doors that have laminated or toughened glass, as they provide added support and security.

3. Friction stay uPVC door flag hinges

Friction stay uPVC door flag hinges are designed to hold the door or window in any position, without the need for additional locking mechanisms. These hinges have a built-in spring mechanism that provides resistance when opening or closing the door, preventing it from slamming shut or swinging open too wide. Friction stay hinges are especially useful in areas with high winds or where the door or window needs to be held open for extended periods.

Benefits of using uPVC door flag hinges

1. Easy to install

uPVC door flag hinges are easy to install and can be fitted to most uPVC doors without the need for specialist tools or equipment. Because the hinges are fixed to the door sash and frame, they can be adjusted easily to ensure the door is level and swings smoothly.

2. Low maintenance

uPVC door flag hinges require very little maintenance and can last for many years without needing to be replaced. The hinges are durable and resistant to rust and corrosion, making them ideal for use in areas with high levels of moisture or humidity.

3. Provides added security

uPVC door flag hinges provide added security to uPVC doors as they are fixed securely to the door sash and the frame. This prevents the door from being easily forced open, providing added protection against break-ins and intruders.


uPVC door flag hinges are an ideal choice for those looking for a reliable and low-maintenance door hinge solution. With a range of different types available, each with their unique benefits and features, there is a hinge suitable for every situation. The easy installation and low maintenance of these hinges make them a popular choice for residential and commercial applications alike.



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