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wie man Schrankgriffe anbringt

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Concealed wardrobe handles are concealed handles for wardrobes. The recessed flush pull handle is designed to minimize protrusion from the surface of the door or panel, while the offset groove provides ample grip space

Picking the right wardrobe handles is key when you’re fitting them to your wardrobe doors. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer variety of styles and finishes available. Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect wardrobe handles for your home

Fitting wardrobe handles is a great way to give an existing wardrobe a new look, while giving you a more practical, comfortable and stylish means of opening the doors. While some wardrobe handles can simply be screwed on, others require an additional fixing plate and are a little more complicated to fit. While unscrewing, measuring and fitting handles may be intimidating for a novice DIYer, with the right tools and equipment, it can be easily achieved. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to fit wardrobe handles:

First, measure the distance between the two holes on each of the wardrobe doors. The industry standard is 32 mm and most wardrobe handles will fit this size. If your holes are a different distance apart then you may need a new handle or fitting plate to accommodate it.

Next, unscrew the handles from the wardrobe doors. You may need to use a flat-head or Phillips screwdriver, depending on the type of fittings. Then, carefully measure the position and length of the screws. Different handles may require different size screws, so ensure that you get the right ones before trying to fit them.

Then, fit the fixing plate of the new handle to the back of the wardrobe door. This plate is what actually attaches the handle securely to the door. Fit the plate into place and make sure that it’s lined up with the two holes that you made earlier. Once it’s lined up, screw it in firmly with a screwdriver.

Finally, put the handle onto the fixing plate. This should be fairly straightforward as the fixing plate should now fit the handle comfortably. Carefully fit the handle into place and screw it into the fixing plate (if necessary).

Now, you’re ready to enjoy your new look wardrobe door. With a few straightforward steps, you have transformed the look of your wardrobe and given yourself an easier way to access the inside of it.



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